Pregnancy - Week 14

So it depends of what book you read or who you ask but this week I officially consider myself into my second trimester. My doctor say the first trimester ends at week 13. What an amazing feeling it is to know that God has helped us make it this far and that I've been amazingly blessed with perfect pregnancy so far. Its so hard to believe that I have two miracles growing away inside of me but as hard as it is to believe, I already love them more than life itself.

What's happening with the babies this week?
Your baby's skin is very thin, and his/her blood vessels can actually be seen through the skin. Your baby's ears are continuing to develop externally and continue to look more like normal ears. Your baby's eyes are continuing to move towards the nose from the sides of his/her head. The baby's bones are beginning to ossify, which means that if an x-ray was taken the skeleton would be visable. Babies at this age have also been caught sucking their thumbs on ultrasound pictures.

How far along: 14 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: 8 lbs. I haven't weighted myself this week so I'm gonna stick with that.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much in maternity at this point, except I can still wear some of my regular tops.

Stretch marks: None yet.

Sleeping: This past week hasn't been the best week for sleep, I've started having a hard time getting to sleep or getting back to sleep when I wake up.

Best moment last week:Finding out I'm going to be pregnant with a very special friend!!!

Symptoms: I have started to get dizzy from time to time but other than that I feel pretty good.

Food cravings: I crave food in general, but I still love my OJ in the morning and also I'm in love with chocolate milk right now.

Food aversions: Just bacon

Gender: We go New Year's EVE to find out the sexes. I still think boy/girl and Dalyn still thinks girls. We've had a lot more people tell us boys over the past week or so. I put up a poll today so be sure to vote!

I miss: nothing really. I don't know that I could be more happier with life!!

What I am looking forward to: I'm so excited about finding out the sexes I could care less if we just skipped right on by Christmas. So I would have to say I'm more looking forward to what they are!!

Body Changes: I don't feel like I've had a lot of changes this week. Although I will say when I looked back at the pics from Thanksgiving I feel like I just look different, pregnancy glow maybe?!? I think my belly took a growth spurt this week, I'll try to remember to post some belly pics soon.


WantWait&Pray said…
Yay, you're big ultrasound is getting close!!!!
I've been dizzy with headaches lately too....I read it's a common "symptom" this week..but it's annoying!!

We haven't really seriously discussed names b/c we want to wait until the babies genders are confirmed. We think we have a boy name because it's a family name....but we're not sure. :-)

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