Doctor's Appointment

Appointment 4 - December 2, 2009 - 13 weeks 4 days

I'm not really going to do the typical doctor's appt post because well this was just a routine visit and they didn't even do an ultrasound. Dalyn couldn't get off work so I went to this one solo. I got to listen to the babies heartbeats and it was amazing to hear them pounding away. Although we ordered a doppler a few weeks ago, so we've been listening to them at home anyways. My blood pressure was still amazingly low, 98/57, no wonder I feel like I can't move at times. The doctor said it was normal and should start rising slower here soon. I've gained 8 lbs so far! He seemed pretty content with that so I guess I am too. He also went over about a million different things on how things would progress over the next months. He said I'd most likely be put on some kind of bed rest but he couldn't say for sure. He also said they would recommend me stop working around 30 weeks or at least cut way back. All my blood work from last appt came back normal. I'm O neg, which means I'll be getting a Rhogam shot, which I already knew! But the most exciting thing about our appointment is that next time we'll be finding out what we're having. He said they would do about an hour scan over both babies!! One full hour we get to watch them!!! So our next appt is . . . . . December 31st!!! Yes, New Year's EVE! I thought that was super fun, although I doubt I'll make it to see the ball drop this year. In a week or so I'm going to put up a poll so people can vote on what these little munchkins' are, I can't wait to see what people think.


WantWait&Pray said…
Congrats on a great appt! I haven't rented a doppler yet but wanted to ask you if you had a tough time finding both babies heartbeats? It's the only reason I haven't rushed out and got one...I'm scared I won't find or be able to decipher them both and then it'll freak me out. Let me know your experience...thanks hun!
Jessica said…
Well I actually bought one off ebay on a whim! We didn't really have to hard of a time finding both heartbeats, but one of ours runs about 160 and the other 150 so you tell the difference in the rates. Occasionally I'll have a hard time finding one or the other and my heart sinks but if i give it a few minutes they flip over or something and I can hear it. Its also nice because when I'm particularly crampy or something and get worried I can listen and hear them doing just fine, so that's nice. So I would say we really like it.

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