Spreading The Baby News

So I've been wanting to tell everyone how we told our families we were pregnant and their first reactions but I hadn't been able to get the video to upload until now and I fill figured it out this morning. So we didn't get to record every one's reaction but we did get our in-laws on video. We first found our we were pregnant on like September 23. I had started to get sick and one morning as we were leaving the house Dalyn said you better just test so you will know what you can take. So I marched off to the bathroom knowing it was way to early to test and thinking there was no way it would be positive. Well like not even a minute after I peed on the stick it read pregnant. I was shocked, I was testing like 5 days early!! I think we were both in total shock, we didn't say anything on the way to work. The next few days I spent in bed sick with a upper respiratory infection and so we didn't even get to celebrate until days later. But we had decided we would wait until at least after our first u/s to tell anyone!! Well Ashley being the best friend knew we had done IUI and that I should be testing anytime. So after she had asked for days I decided to tell her. I told her that I had finally picked out what my Halloween costume was gonna be, an oven, and she knew immediately! We told our other good friends Casey and Jonathan a couple of days later when they called to check up on me! We had decided that would be it though until after the u/s and somehow we managed to keep it secret.

So when our first u/s rolled around on Sept. 16, we had debated for weeks how we were going to tell our families. We knew we wanted to go home to tell them in person because we wanted to see their reactions. So that Friday we packed it up and drove 7 hours to break the news of not only the pregnancy but twins!! The first people we told were Dalyn's parents. We met them out for dinner and we set up the scenario. We had told them we had stopped in Raleigh and bought a new camera. So the plan was when we got home I would sit down and start playing with the camera, after a few minutes I would ask Dalyn to run get the manual out in the car. While he was out there we had devised a plan that he would tie a pregnancy test around Max, his parents dog. We had no idea how it would go but it went perfectly!! So here's the video of when they found our we were pregnant. Excuse the poor video skills! Oh and excuse Dalyn's mom's robe.

Dalyn's mom calls Max the gift that keeps on giving and it certainly played perfectly into our plan!

After that video stopped rolling of course they started asking questions, so we told them we had made a pregnancy announcement to send out and we wanted to see what they though about it. It was a card and on the front it had a picture of mine and dalyn's feet and our dogs paws. It said "Our 4 foot, 12 paw family is. . . " and on the inside was a picture of the ultrasound and said "Growing by 4 feet!" So here's the video for it!

After we told them I was pretty much ready for bed, after the long trip and all the excitement so we headed to bed with plans to tell everyone else Saturday.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to walmart to make copies of the u/s pics. We got two frames to frame them for my dad and grandmother. We ran to see Dalyn's grandmother first, we handed her an u/s pic and told her those were her new grand babies. I think she was in such shock, she didn't really say much while we were there but call later extremely excited. Next was my grandmother, we had wrapped the frame for her and I told her we had brought her an early birthday gift to open it. When she pulled the picture frame out she said "oh you got me a picture," bless her she had no clue. So I said, "do you know what it is" and of course she said no. So when we told her she said "TWO!" She was excited but I think she didn't know how to respond to twins either. Lastly, we told my dad. We did the same thing as we did for my grandmother. I had wrapped it up and taken it in and he said what's this for. I told him a present for making it through having his mouth wired shut. When he pulled the picture out I could tell he had no idea what it was either. So I said "do you know what it is" his response was "a picture of an owl!!!" everyone couldn't help but laugh so I said no its an ultrasound picture. And he said "a recent one?" So then his girlfriend was like is there two? And he finally figured it all out. He started crying and it was just the sweetest thing ever! He's over the moon about these babies and because of the owl comment he now calls them, "Hoot" and "Screech" nicknames I'm not crazy about but whatever. We ended the weekend by having dinner with our best friends and heading out the next morning. It was a wonderful weekend and I couldn't have imagined better reactions from anyone!


Jessilyn said…
it won't play the video has been set to private
Jessica said…
They should be working now, sorry it was my first time working with You Tube!!
Jessilyn said…
I love his mom's expression thanks so much for sharing that post. She was so excited and in shock at the same time I could hear you in the background thats awesome you got that on video I wish I would have done that when I told my mom and dad.
Casey B said…
I am so sitting here crying my eyes out! That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Her facial expressions are priceless. I am so glad you guys were able to capture such a precious moment with the video camera.

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