So somewhere along the way, along with my Dr, we decided that it was a grand idea for me to go see a Registered Dietitian (RD). Now keep in mind, in case y'all didn't know, I have a minor in Nutrition, yes minor like from an accredited college. I can't ever remember going over a lot about pregnancy during my time in class so I decided I'd seek a little extra advice. So yesterday was the day and well I knew she was going to ask what I'd had to eat the day before. Let me give you a quick recap (no judging), 3 bowls of cereal, pop tart, bowl of soup, about 10 peanut butter crackers, 3 slices of pizza, 3 cucumbers, and an apple with peanut butter. Okay so I'm not proud but you know babies gotta eat, and let me tell you they sure can take it down!! So when I initially sit down and she asks me the dreaded question, my first instinct is. . . . LIE!!! But no I told her the truth because I figured what am I gonna get out of it if I tell her only the healthy stuff. Then as we get more and more into the secession, I realize she really has not a lot more clue about healthy pregnancy eating than I do. She referred me to the Food Guide Pyramid Website, duh, I could have gotten there by myself. She gave me one semi-informational handout that referred to single pregnancies but the only thing it said about twin pregnancies is that I should gain 35-45 lbs (knew that already to). She recommended that I take lunch meat for lunch, which the American Pregnancy Assoc clearly says to avoid because of listeria concerns. I think I might have educated her about some of the dos and donts of pregnancy eating. Oh well, I tried at least! (Jes O. I'll wait on your comment here)

I will say the one ah ha moment that I had yesterday was when she weighed me. Now pre-pregnancy I was 114-115. At my first OB appt at 6 1/2 weeks I weighted 115.4, at my second appt I weighed 120.0. Now after I was weighed (at the OB) I proudly marched back into the waiting room to announce to the hubby that I had only gained 2.4 lbs. So all along I've been so proud of that, almost through the 1st trimester and at a good point with weight gain. It wasn't until yesterday when she weighed me (119lbs) that I realized my math had been terribly wrong! Yes, once again I do have a degree in accounting from an accredited college. So if you read the blog post below and question how from 115.4 to 120.0 I only gained 2.4 lbs, keep guessing, its only math that makes sense in my head!!


WantWait&Pray said…
Hi there!
I'm pregnant with twins as well AND we're only a few days apart. I'm 9 weeks today!

How are you doing? Any more bouts of morning sickness? I'm feel it VERY strongly one day, and then not at all the next. So....never know what the day will bring. We had our first OB consult today which I posted about and we have our first Peri. appt on Thursday. Can't wait to see the babies again!
Jessica said…
Hi! I've read your blog, I surf over when I get a chance. Wow, I had read that you were expecting but hadn't check back in to see that we weren't that far apart.

I'm doing good, I feel really lucky so far with having lots of symptoms. My morning sickness is the exact same way, but Zofran is a miracle drug and I highly recommend it if you haven't gotten any. 1/2 a pill lasts me all day, so if I feel it coming on I just take one and it works within about 30 min. I just went back and read your posts and we are having a lot of the same symptoms, I've had the stuffy nose all week. I also got the same book last week and so far I absolutely love it!! Its full of tons of great information on twins. I also like the book, A Child is Born, it's not for twins but it shows amazing pictures of a babies actual growth. Even my hubby enjoys looking and reading it. I can't wait to hear about your next appt, its so amazing to see them growing and last time we could even see our little babies moving!! Thanks for stopping by, please keep in touch. I will keep you and your babies in my prayers that you continue to have a great pregnancy and that they grow into strong, healthy little babies!
Jessica said…
Hey you! If you need any information I have it coming out my eyeballs. You'll find that a lot of RD's don't do a lot of pregnancy stuff; outpatient RD's see a lot of obesity and diabetes and that's about all that they know. But seriously, the RD's that I would with have to do a lot with pregnancy and breast feeding since we're in a hospital so I have materials if you want anything.
Robertsons said…
Hey! I just talked to my little bro who is studying to be a dietician/nutritionist (sp) and he recommended visiting pubmed.gov and searching through the scientific review articles. He also said to get on a good Omega-3 supplement without mercury. AND... to help combat gestational diabetes (which is his specialty) eat less grains and potatoes, and replace them with fruits to keep your carbohydrates up. He has offered to do some research for you if you can't find what you are looking for. He's a sweet heart with his nose so far in the books that I wonder if he breathes!

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