Doctor's Appointment

Appointment 3 - November 11, 2009 - 10 weeks 4 days

How we were feeling?
We were very excited to get to see our little miracles again this week!! Two weeks seems like forever. I told Dalyn we needed to rent a U/S machine for our house so I could see them anytime.

My weight?
Well this is the interesting part. So I've steadily kept my weight on the scales here at the office. Pre-pregnancy I was 115 or so. At my second appt I was 120. So yesterday I weighed myself so I would be prepared and I weighed 124. Well, today when I stepped on the scale it said 117. So who knows, is there a scale in the world that measures weight correctly???!!!???

The ultrasound?
We went in for our complete work-up today and let's just say I thought that included an ultrasound. I was so excited for it!! So we go through everything, dr pokes and prods and carries on with me, answers our questions and then says we done to stop by and have my b/w done on the way out. So I'm completely disappointed at this point, so my hormones must kick in and I tell him I want an ultrasound today. After much convincing he agrees and we head off to wait on the u/s room to be ready. The babies were all over the place today, kicking, waving, flipping. It was the most amazing thing ever!! Baby A was moving but was fairly calm during the whole thing but Baby B was a whole different story. When she scanned over to B, it immediately flipped over facing us and started waving! It was just unbelievable to see them moving around. She said within the next few weeks I should be able to feel them, esp since there are two.

The Babies Stats?
Baby A - Measured 10 wks 6 days
Heart rate 176

Baby B - Measure 11 wks 1 day (yes Baby B is an over-achiever, sounds like its daddy!!)
Heart rate 180

My guess is that A is a boy and B is a girl!! Dalyn still says two girls!!

Next Visit:
I'm not sure why exactly but they are going to see me back in 3 more weeks. Next appointment date is December 2.

Also, a side note about today's visit. . . do they really see a need is taking 8 vials of my blood, when I already feel like walking to the car might do me in for the day!! I was feeling good this morning like I had some energy and then she drained 8 vials and I lost it for the whole day. Oh well, I guess its one small sacrifice. She said I'd probably only have to have it drawn like 2 more times.

Of course, a couple of pics from today. . . .
Both babies together

Baby A

Baby B saying "HI" to everyone!!


Amber Stogner said…
Sooo Excited for you and your Family! I can't wait till you feel them moving and kicking...It's an Amazing Feeling =) I'm with Dalyn I say 2 girls =) when you go back in 3 weeks will they be able to tell then boy/girl? I know I found out at 18weeks but I know sometimes you can find out sooner.
Ashley Pizarro said…
What an amazing journey you have been thru. I am couldn't be more happier for you two. I can't wait to meet the little twins! :)
Jessica said…
YAY!! Go babies go!
Jessica said…
Thanks girls!!
Amber~I won't find out until 18 weeks what were having. So the week after Christmas. We asked to come in right before Christmas so we could surprise everyone at Christmas but they said they do the full "survey" during that examine and sometimes its a little to hard to see the heart and everything still, so we opted to wait until it was time. I'd rather not be selfish and enjoy Christmas than be selfish and have a miserable worry-some Christmas!

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