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Yes, you haven't missed anything, I've been extremely MIA recently; averaging like 3 posts a month I think. I still get on every night and tell myself to write but generally nothing comes out. Me, quite?!? HA!! Dalyn, might have different opinion on that. I started this blog mainly for friends and family to keep up with where we had been and where we were going. And a lot of what was going on was with infertility. Since our miscarriage we had decided to keep things more private and that really cute down on what I have to say. While I'm still not ready to start sharing again, I'm definitely getting there. It's amazing at what an outlet with blog has been for me. It has provided me with so much love and support from people I never would've imagine cared. So for those of you so patiently waiting a infertility update, hang on, I have a feeling that I may be back to that soon. On another note, we have an appointment with an RE on Monday. He specifically only does IVF. We've had this appointment since we left Knoxville, yes it took 4 mos to get in, and I just don't know how convinced I am that I want to go. So we'll see what happens, I have to cancel by tomorrow if not.

In other notes. . . .

We had Dalyn's mom and dad visit a month or so back. It was amazing having them here. I wish they would buy the house next door and just move down here. We also had Ashley, Tony and Reeslyn come visit a few weeks later. As always we had a blast and its so amazing to see Reeslyn and how much she is changing and growing. While they were here we celebrated both Tony & Ashley's b-day, Sept 4 & 15 respectively. So happy late b-day shout out!! Dalyn's mom also celebrated her birthday on the 17th.

I haven't blogged about my dad lately, but he could definitely use all the prayers he could get coming his way. He had his jaw broke a few weeks back (long story) and has since went through a pretty major surgery which has his jaw wired shut and a plate along his jaw. I know its killing him to have to eat soup so pray that God will give him to finish seeing things out for the next few weeks. And pray that God will also show him the light for the Godly life that he should be living.

Lastly, work is going great for both Dalyn and I. We are so busy sometimes it seems like that's all we do. But we both love our jobs with is great. And its wonderful to only be two office doors down from each other.

Other than that things are running smoothly, stayed tuned for infertility stuff to come.


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