Doctor's Appointments

I have been keeping a pregnancy journal but I want to make sure I recap all of my doctor's visits on here to. So I'm gonna recap our first two in the first post.

Appointment 1 - October 14, 2009 - 6 weeks 4 days
For those of you who don't know, its not really usual practice to have your first OB appt so early but because we got pregnant through IUI and because of our previous pregnancy outcome, they wanted to do an early OB appointment. Fine by me, put my nerves at ease early.

How we were feeling?
We had a flurry of emotions. Excited, Scared, Nervous, Anxious, you name we had it all. Of course our disappointment came during our first doctor's appointment last time and we were so scared for the same results. However, its strange but when we got there I wasn't really scared or nervous.

My weight?

The ultrasound?
Of course once I dis-robed from the waist down and laid down on the table my heart started pounding. I knew that what was to come in the next few moments could either be a miracle or heartache. First thing she looked at was my ovaries (of course I'm thinking move on, I just wanna know if they did their job). I had been over-stimulated and my ovaries were still extremely large. So when she finally scanned over my uterus, the first thing I could see was two sacks and all I could say was "is there two?" She said well actually I see three sacks but only two babies. Almost immediately Dalyn and I could point out their tiny little heartbeats. Our ultrasound tech was amazing (I had seen her twice before during IUI, so she knew our situation). She went through everything and let us just look and look and awe and ooohh. We even got to hear their tiny little heartbeats which was so amazing and re-assuring. She also took a whole photo album full of pictures for us. We were also given out due date of June 5.

The Babies Stats?
Baby A - Measured 6 wks 3 days
Heart rate 117

Baby B - Measure 6 wks 4 days
Heart rate 117

Next Visit:
The doctor decided since there was one more sack in there she wanted us to return in two weeks just to confirm there wasn't actually three babies instead of two. Next appt date October 28.

Appointment 2 - October 28, 2009 - 8 weeks 4 days
How we were feeling?
Our nerves were a little more at ease with this appointment. Of course I still think when you've been through what we've been through you always have a little hesitation. We were very excited to get to see our little babies again and see how they were growing and progressing.

My weight?
120.0 - I've gained 2.4 lbs to date

The ultrasound?
We were more excited than anything about the ultrasound. I was pretty convinced that we were only going to have two babies and they were going to be beautiful, growing and healthy. The ultrasound did not let me down. We saw two amazing little babies and this time they actually looked like babies. Baby B let us see its little profile perfectly. They were both moving around and it was amazing to see them wiggling. It seems like they've grown by leaps and bounds in just two weeks even though they've haven't grown that much. Of course we got to hear their heartbeats again which just blows me away. I know why people by ultrasound machines for their homes now, I would love to see these little babies every time I got the chance.

The Babies Stats?
Baby A - Measured 8 wks 4 days
Heart rate 180

Baby B - Measure 8 wks 5 days
Heart rate 184

Both babies have actually grown by a full day from the last measurement.

Next Visit:
Since both of these last two appts have just been early OB ultrasounds they are going to see me back in 2 more weeks for a full OB work-up. Next appt date Nov. 11. In the meantime the doctor also wanted me to go see a nutritionist. I'm hoping she will help me eat a more balanced diet and give me a few tips and secrets.

I also wanted to leave you with a few u/s pics for the last appointment.

This is Baby A. Its not very photogenic but its also upside down.

This is Baby B. And you can kind of see its tiny little profile.


Amanda said…
Congratulations girl! I'm so excited for you and I will continue to pray for the growth and development of these beautiful miracles! I hope this finds you and Dalyn well!
Love and Prayers
Amanda Carnes
Jessica said…
That's right! You better eat a balanced diet!! Make sure that you get your protein and iron, folate, vitamins, and eat your fruits and veggies!!
Jessica said…
Amanda - I've been meaning to call. I'm sorry! We are going to be home for quite a few days around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let's try and get together.

Jessica - I updated with how my nutritionist appt went today. She was very little help!
Jessilyn said…
Congrats so happy for you two !!!

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