More Sea Life Memories

Today was a adventure packed day for us and our doggie family. Dalyn and I got up this morning and ran into Greenville for some dog food. On the way back we decided to go for a scenic drive. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, but we visited several places along the way including the small town of Bath, the Bayview ferry and Goose Creek State Park. We are loving getting to know this amazing area. Every little town we see I absolutely love, they are all so charming a quaint.

This afternoon when we got back home we were taking the dogs out for a walk. Of course the first place they head for is the dock. To many fun things happening out there. Well, before Dalyn could even get out far enough for Allie to have enough leash, off in the water she went. She's just recently starting becoming brave enough to just straight off the dock into the water. When we get over to see what she's doing she is trying with all her might to drag this log up to the dock. We could tell it was big because she was really struggling with it. Dalyn goes to get her up out of the water and she loses it back in the water. Of course he doesn't get her back up on the dock and she's diving back in. This time he gets the log up and then gets her up. To our surprise it truly is a log. I just couldn't help but share.

It was about 4 ft long and 2 ft in diameter!! She was so proud of this log and she'll be happy to know we left it right on the water's edge so she can see her accomplishment every time she goes out.

Normally, while I cook dinner Dalyn has gotten to where he heads out to do a little fishing. To this point his fishing has resulted in a few tiny brim. So tonight I'm in the middle of cooking and glance out the window to see Dalyn waving his hands for me to come out to the dock. So my first reaction is to grab the camera and head on out. And to my surprise looky at what my fishermen hubby at caught. . .

It's a flounder and it was actually really good sized. I couldn't be any prouder of him!!!


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