Hello, Again, Working World

So several of you have been asking what I've decided with the job front and continuing with infertility treatments. Well, here's the skippy. Friday afternoon I received an offer letter from the clinic Dalyn works at. I hadn't really interviewed for the position but had given her my resume for a previous position they had open, apparently I was so good there was no interview needed :-).

So here's a little overview of the clinic... Most of their patients include uninsured and indigent population in a surrounding radius of about 6 counties or so. They have been seeing patients on the medical side for quite some time but Dalyn is the first dentist they've ever had and is in charge of getting the dental side up and running. My official title is "Practice Manager" which I think might turn into a catch all title. I will be over all front desk staff on both the medical and dental side, so part of my position is to integrate policies and procedures on both sides. I will be responsible for insuring the front desk runs smoothly, including placing patients in fee brackets, verifying income, collecting payments, etc. Another huge part of my position is collecting charge sheets, insuring that they are coded correctly and getting them off to billing. A lot of this is going to be a pretty big learning curve but I have confidence in myself that I can learn it. All in all, I'm extremely excited to get started. I finished all my paperwork today and got settled into my new office. It's in some serious need of decor. The interior designer in me desperately wants to paint it. But I'm scouring everywhere for some great decor and artwork. So if any of you are artist or know somewhere to get great office stuff please let me know. Of course I've been shopping like crazy on my trusty etsy.com and have turned up a few great finds. I will let y'all know what I end up finding/buying.

So where does this job leave me with treatments? Well, I haven't discussed anything with them yet. My boss is Dalyn's boss and she knew that we had been pregnant. As a matter of fact she sent me a very beautiful pot of flowers saying she was thinking of me right after we had the D&C. So I'm sure she kind of knows and I have faith she is going to be very understanding. But my thoughts are, my doctor's office starts seeing patients at 7:30, well I don't have to be at work until 9. So if I can get an early appointment I should be back in plenty of time. Also, my other option is, part of my job will take me to Greenville (where my dr office is) once or twice a week. My thought is I could just let her know and take lunch to go to the dr office there and then do what I need to do for work after. Of course these are all just thoughts running through my mind and I have no idea how they truly will work when it comes down to it. I'm sure I will be keeping y'all updated on this.

Hope every one's week is off to a great start!!


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