Back on the Infertility Treatment Horse

Drum roll please, the first infertility post since our loss.

So I feel like after about a 12 week break from infertility treatments I'm ready to jump back on the horse, so to speak. We're waiting until my next cycle to start treatments. We haven't quite decide what steps we're going to take from here but we're going to have to decide fairly quickly. I went back to the doctor Friday and he is in agreement that my body should be ready to start again on my next cycle. We discussed where to go from here with treatments and our future plans for treatments. Dalyn and I had talked about going through two more treatments of IUI and then moving forward with IVF. You see here is our dilemma, in Knoxville we were fortunate enough to get all of our infertility treatments for free. Since the hubby was a resident and we seen a doctor associated with the hospitals she treated residents for free. (Really nice, huh?) But it got us a little spoiled too. So our main discussion is how many times and how much money to we do and spend with IUI before we decide our money would be better spent with IVF. This is where the trying IUI two more times comes in. He was in complete agreement with our plan but did make the comment not to be set in stone. He said if we go through twice and everything looked great we just didn't get pregnant he said he wouldn't be completely opposed to trying one more round of IUI.

So, now that we are all in agreement, we will start things up after this cycle. He said to go ahead and try naturally this cycle but that he didn't want to force the issue after my body had already been through so much. I'm completely in agreement with that! So now we're just waiting on AF to show up. He said he couldn't really say when he thought that would be, he said that it would probably run about my normal cycle length but could be a little longer or shorter. I'd be on about cycle day 15 or so I guess so hopefully in another couple of weeks. The plan is to start out with a very similar cycle to the one we got pregnant on. He didn't want to do the exact cycle because he said with our ages and other factors he felt like 4 follicles (what I had the cycle we conceived) might be taking to much of a risk. So this cycle we're going with 5 mg Femara on CD 3-7 and Gonadotropin (1 amp) on CD 8-11. We will do a ultrasound on CD 11 and see where the follicles are and then go from there.

All in all, I'm very excited (never thought I'd say that) and anxious to get started. I feel like both Dalyn and I are just really ready to get pregnant and we know this is what its going to take so we're ready to get started. I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. They were greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for us in the coming months that we will easily find ourselves pregnant again.


Ashley Pizarro said…
You have been in my thoughts and prayers from the beginning! I will be thinking of you during this process and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Jessica & Dalyn ~

I came across your blog and was drawn to the very precious manner in which you share your thoughts and feelings...

Please know that my husband and I will lift you and Dalyn and, most especially, your baby's conception and birth, up to our Father which art in Heaven.

We will pray that God Himself will touch the innermost part of your body in a way which will provide "The Way" for you to conceive, carry and deliver your beautiful baby.

One of my favorite verses in Scripture is Romans 8:28... The "key" word in this verse is: "ALL"!!! "ALL things work together for GOOD to those who love God and are called according to HIS purpose."

You and Dalyn have been "called" upon to glorify Him upon the arrival of your precious baby...

In this, you will be most loved and blessed by God. When you realize that God is simply entrusting you and Dalyn to the care of His precious child, He will bless you beyond measure...

Lastly, your heart shines through your posts! What a beautiful young lady you are... You talk about receiving many blessings when you married into Dalyn's family.
Jessica, Dalyn's family is equally blessed to have you as their daughter!

I will continue to monitor your posts. I look forward to the day when I see your baby's birth announcement and the name you give him...

Hugs, In Christ ~
Your Sister in Him

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