Oh The Dilemma

So I've recently found myself in the middle of a dilemma I never really thought I'd find myself in. You see, two years ago when we first started trying for a baby I was so certain we'd be pregnant right off the bat, I'd work for 9 mos until the baby was born, take off for 3 mos or so with the baby and then head back to work. Well when we moved to Knoxville I took a part time job and little did I know it was heaven sent. It gave me plenty of time to deal with all my infertility doctors appts, etc without having to take off work. And here's where the dilemma begins. When we found ourselves pregnant a few months ago we debated whether I would find a job in Washington or just go ahead and retire myself to be a stay-at-home-mom-to-be :-). We hadn't made a decision yet but once we found out that we were going to lose the baby I moved forward with searching for a job. I've recently been on several job interviews for full time jobs and well it's become a concern that with our new doctors office about 30 min away and working 40 hours a week that it may cause a huge interference with infertility treatments. So here's our dilemma, do I (a) take a full time job and put treatments on the back burner (b) take a part time job and still have time for treatments (c) not work and bore myself to death around the house. It's amazing how much time infertility takes up and well it's kind of going to be hard to start a new job and then be like "oh yeah, I need off like once a week for about 2 hours, so we can try to get pregnant, so when we do I can leave." So I've been debating back and forth with myself about what to do. I guess right now I'm just praying that the perfect job will fall into my lap but trying to come to grips with the reality it might not and that I might have to choose a, b, or c.


Depending on your employer, some are flexible and you can use sick time to go to treatment stuff. My clinic was really close to my office, so I'd just walk over and get my IUIs on my lunch break. And go in before work for all by b/w and u/s.

Good luck!!!

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