Early Sea Life Memories

So as most of you know by now we're living on the Pamlico Sound. We live still on the River section however it is considered brackish water but we've been told for whatever reason the past few summers they've seen an increase in the salt in the water and now its pretty salty. So far we've been loving living on the water. It's like waking up on vacation every morning. Our dogs have been slowly adjusting to life on the water as well. I wanted to be sure to document some of the recent events in a life adjustment on the water.
We discovered yesterday that Boston, our yorkie, can't swim. He brings his two front legs to far out of the water and sinks. This morning Dalyn and I walked him to a little sandy/beachy area and he did better today but I think its going to take a lot of practice.
Sampson has yet to attempt to really all out swim. He loves the water and has stepped off and had to paddle back really quickly but he's not gotten far enough to really swim.
Allie, on the other hand is our swimmer. Yes, she's a mini-daschund and yes, we know she's shouldn't be able to swim but she does and loves it. Usually she stay really close and does really good just fetching sticks and bringing them back to shore. However, today she got a wild hair of dove off in the water and started swimming pretty far out into the water. I though surely she wouldn't go to far but the more we called her to come back the farther she swam. Before we knew it she was 1/2 way across the Sound. From our house to the other side is probably oh about 3/4 to a mile. We got worried that she would get exhausted and drown or that a boat might hit her. So knowing I couldn't swim that far we grabbed all we had, a tub and a small paddle. So off in the Pamlico I went for my first swim. Happy ending to the story, I finally made it to her and we made it back to the shore safely. I could have killed her and needless to say she won't be swimming for a few days but all turned out ok and its something to look back and be amazed by now.
So that's all my stories for now. I'm sure there will be many more to come.


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