Week 5 - Things With Me

So far so good on the pregnancy front. I haven't been feeling pregnant really other than the extreme bout with exhaustion and hunger. We've broken the news to everyone now and everyone is more than over-joyed for us. This week went by so fast I feel like I didn't even live it. I made my first trip to Barnes and Noble for some baby book shopping. I didn't buy anything on my first trip (I felt a little overwhelmed when I arrived at the pregnancy section) but in the remaining days of this week managed to collect a good number of books I need to get through. Casey got me the cutest Pregnancy Journal and I can't wait to get busy writing in it. She also loaned me a book called Baby Bargains and . Ashley loaned me the book I'm Pregnant and a Baby Name book. And then I purchased What to Expect When Expecting and A Child is Born and for Dalyn I got Pregnancy A Dad's Week by Week Guide (so Dalyn would feel left out). So needless to say I've got my reading cut out for me. I've only gotten started on a couple but I already highly highly recommend the A Child is Born book. Its AMAZING!!

In other pregnancy news, I go back on Wednesday for my 3rd blood test. My doctor would like them to be over 1400 so pray for good news. Then if everything is ok I'll go back in another week for my first u/s. I think it won't really all set in for me until the u/s. Then I'll likely go in for one more ultrasound before we leave for NC. Keep praying that everything continues to go as they are and that my numbers on Wednesday will by well over 1400!!! Also, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful well wishes. We couldn't be more excited and are so happy to have so many people in our lives to share this with!!!


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