Oh The Joys

So I need a little moment to vent. I feel like I've been handling the stresses of moving pretty well to this point, however our landlord is currently showing our house in order to rent it back out. So she has asked that the house be cleaned this week in order to show it this weekend. So needless to say with boxes and yard sell stuff everywhere it kind of pushed me over the edge. So I've been spotlessly cleaning the house in order to appease her and well I've decided I need a house keeper. I mean normally house work doesn't really bother me but we've been on our hands and knees scrubbing floors, etc for the past few days. And I'm done with it!!! I could care less to see another bottle of cleaning solution. I mean honestly how does dust even accumulate so quickly!! It seems like I dust something and come back and its covered 10 minutes later. GRRR!! Not to mention that Sampson must shed like 20 million hairs a day!! I'm done, I have to clean like this again the day we move out and well I've decided that Merry Maids may have a job on their hands!!
Thanks for listening to my venting!! I'm sure this won't be the last over the next few weeks.


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