Oh Baby, Baby

I use to think I could keep secrets like no other, well apparently its only when its not my own. I've been dying for three days to tell everyone and we've finally agreed to spill the beans,

Yes you saw it correctly, We're Pregnant!! After two years of trying, 4 doctors, lots of medicine and even more tears we got the amazing news on Monday that we are expecting. I can't begin to tell you the huge mix of emotions we've been feeling over the past few days. We are elated and we were so happy to get such a great response from all our wonderful family!!! Everyone is as excited as we are, if not more. In the next couple of post I want to document how we told different people but for now I just wanted to make the announcement and update to this point.

Just a little bit of information. I'm a little over 4 weeks, actually I'll be 5 weeks Friday. Yes, really early I know and we weren't going to tell everyone but all our bloodwork is turning out great and we really just want to enjoy every little moment we can. I want to be sure to document everything because I want to be able to look back and read it. So here it goes. . .

I was supposed to start on Sunday, all day Sunday no cramping, no spotting, Nothing!! But I had told myself I was going to hold off until Monday when I went to the doctor to test. Well, Dalyn convinced me otherwise and on the way home from Jonathan and Casey's we ran by Walgreen's and bought one HPT. I tested almost as soon as I got home and almost immediately a little plus sign appeared. (Keep in mind, first positive I've EVER seen) All I could say to Dalyn was "Um" and motion him towards the bathroom. Sure enough he agreed it looked positive. So we sat around in shock for the next hour or so and then I made him take me back out to get the one that reads, "pregnant or not pregnant". Fool Proof, right?? Apparently so because after about 2 minutes from arriving back home what did I see, PREGNANT!!
So of course I took 3 more (so 5 if your counting), all positive. I slept a whole 3 hours Sunday night waiting to get up and to the doctor Monday morning. Monday morning came and I went to the doctor at 7:45 expecting my results a little before 12ish. Well, needless to say it didn't happen but around 2ish the phone rang and it was the call I've been waiting to hear. "Jessica, This is Dr. Harris. Your right, Your Pregnant!! Congratulations." She said that my HcG(pregnancy hormone) was 88 which is really good and that my progesterone was 80 which is even better!! She said she'd see me back on Wednesday (today) to do repeat bloodwork. She said the goal was to have the HcG double. Well, way to cooperate body because it was 269 today!!! She said everything looked perfect so far. I'll go back for another HcG test next Wednesday(17th) and then my first ultrasound the next Wednesday(24th). The question of the day so far, How am I feeling? So far so good. Really no major complaints, I've had some mild cramping which is normal but nothing other than that. Of course, I'll be keeping everyone as up to date as I can so stay tuned.

Also, I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers over these last months. They have not gone unnoticed and we certainly appreciate every last one of them. With that said please continue to pray that my pregnancy continues to progress as it should and that I have a very healthy pregnancy and baby!!

Stayed tuned for the adventure to come!!!
p.s. I'm having trouble getting pictures to upload so as soon as I get that to work I'll upload some fun pics we've taken.


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