Not So Good News

We had our first ob doctor's appt today. I had been extremely excited to go and see how things were going!! Needless to say I didn't leave the appointment with the same excitement I went into it with. Basically, what's happening is I should be 5 wks 6 days today. However on the ultrasound I'm only measuring 4 wks 2 days. So the nurse practitioner comes in and drops a bomb (with very little compassion might I add) that the news wasn't so good for us today. She proceeded to tell us that because I'm currently 10 days behind and they could see anything other than the sac she thinks there's we're dealing with a blighted ovum. After lots of tears and this just can't be true and we're so confused she decided to step out and call our fertility doctor. So after leaving us hanging another 15 minutes or so she bounces back in to say "positive outlook." I'm sorry but I mean WTF honestly does she know what we've been through to this point?? Does she have no compassion for our situation?? At this point I'm furious and an tired of hearing what she has to say. She tells us that our fertility doctor said this is not an "uncommon situation" and that they've had this happen before and that's why they usually request not to do an u/s so early. Our fertility doctor asked them to repeat the u/s in about 10 days to see what was going on then. She said its very possible that in 10 days this baby could catch back up and be perfect. She also wanted to do another HcG test to see if its still going up. **Side note - - it was 3876, so its definitely still going on up** So now more than ever we need prayers for this little bean to grow grow grow and hopefully be caught back up. It's going to be a long long 10 days. Please pray for my sanity as we have lots of other stuff going on as well. Please just pray for us.


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