New Etsy Finds

So its been a while since I posted any of my finds from etsy so I'd thought today would be a great day to share those.

These Moss Letters are so neat!! And they come in any letters so you can make words, initials or whatever. I think for $35 a piece they would make a cute new addition to our seaside retreat!

How adorable are these little hats!! I think they are a cute difference from the regular baby hats. And the little bill on them makes them that much more adorable.

Also I absolutely love the blocks and are going to be a must have in the nursery. So if anyone is looking for something to purchase for us down the road, this would hit the jackpot!! :-)

I think this print would be a welcome addition to the nursery or anywhere in the house for that matter!! And what a neat way to add the announcement to the house!

For the past couple of times we've moved I haven't really send out address cards or moving announcements but I decided that I would this time because I think I must have these.


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