Doctor Update

So I know you all have probably been anxiously awaiting news as to what happened at the doctor's office. Well, we did not get good news. Although the sac had caught up in size there was still nothing present inside the sac. By this point they needed to see at least a fetal pole and a yolk sac to say this could be a viable pregnancy. So we were given two option, to miscarry naturally or to do a D&C. After tears and contemplation we've decided to try and let mother nature take its course and see if I will miscarry naturally. Obviously, there is a very small small chance it won't and we'll have to go in for a D&C anyways. She said that at my last ultrasound the sac was perfectly round and at this point it was more oblong shape. She said that was generally the first sign that the body realized there wasn't a baby growing. She guessed that it would be a matter of about a week or two and said to be checked again in 3 weeks if I had not miscarried by then. They also gave me my rhoGAM shot yesterday on the rare chance that the baby generated any blood cells at all. (If you don't know what I'm talking about google rhoGAM. My Rh factor is negative)

So the big question, how are we doing? Well, as some of you may know, Dalyn's last day for residency was today, so we're busy in a flurry of moving. That's kept us super busy. We have the most amazing and supportive set of family and friends two people could ask for. And I feel like all in all we're both doing really well, considering. Of course, we're sad, disappoint, mad, etc. I don't think we'd be normal if we weren't. However, with that said we are leaning on God to seek understanding and direction. We know that He will be here to get us through this and that He knows what's in the bigger picture. So I think that has given us both and amazing amount of peace with everything. Of course as I said before we received and are still receiving an amazing amount of love and support and encouragement from our family and friends that has helped us to make it through the last two days. Please continue to pray for us and our strength to help us make it through this difficult time.


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