Still Alive

For those of you wondering, yes I am still alive. Sorry its been awhile since I've posted, I was telling D last night that I'm really just at a loss for words; something I'm not generally use to. I feel like I need to take a little break from life but well quite frankly I just don't have the time right now!!! :-) I'm a little stressed to say the least about things. Anywho onto some updates. . . .

On the infertility front, AF arrived Saturday morning, wonderful (not)! but I knew it was coming. That is the one good thing about this, I know within about a day or two as to when to expect it. Anyways, I'm doing what's called a mix cycle this month, I'm doing 7.5 mg of Femara on days 3-7 and HMG shots on days 8-10. My ovaries weren't responding well enough on Femara alone so the hope is that I can get more eggs on this mixed cycle. The drs office said the only side effect of the shots is that I may be a little "weepy." Do they know me, really, I can't get much worse, or maybe I can :-/. I go in for my next U/S on the 19th, which happens to be the day before my b-day to see how many eggs I have going. So I will update more then.

On the re-location front, I am gearing up for the moving process now. Yes, I'm a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to things like this and I have to have everything perfectly planned. It appears as though I'm going to be selling almost everything we own, so if your in need of any furniture, refrigerator, etc. I'm in the making it happen business right now. But seriously, as of now it looks like I'm going to be selling a sectional and chair, two desks, a entry table, a buffet, a king bed, refrigerator and who knows what else along the way. I'm also having a yard sale full of clothes and smaller items so if your in the Knoxville area be sure to stop by, its June 20. I'm probably not going to be selling any of my bigger stuff then, I'll list it on CraigsList, so if your interested in any of that let me know to. Other than that the move hasn't been officially set yet, we have to talk to the moving crew (aka friends & family).

And finally, we would like to say CONGRATS TO . . . . Brad McAbee . . . . and his graduation from Medical School this weekend. Brad and Dalyn have been best buds since they were little and are both going to make great Drs!!! Brad and Cassie are moving to Knoxville, which sucks since we're leaving and Brad is going to be doing his residency at UT in Family Med. Congrats again Brad, for making it through and Cassie, for supporting him through. We love you guys!!!!

Also, stay tuned this afternoon, because I have a really good and easy cookie recipe to come!


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