Kayleigh's Story

Sometimes when your life seems tough it takes looking at what someone else is going through to realize that maybe things aren't so bad after all. I have been following the blog of Kayleigh for a while now; I can't remember if I had asked you guys to pray for her or not. Besides that, a little back story, Kayleigh was born June 23, 2008, three months early and was 10.5" and 1lb 1oz. Doctors didn't expect her to survive pregnancy but she did and despite major problems has been pulling through things doctor never imagined. However, things turned down hill a few weeks ago after an operation and sadly Kayleigh went to be with Jesus yesterday, May 11. Its such a heart gripping story that Kayleigh made it as long as she did. I have posted two links, one to Kayleigh's blog and one to a page that gives a little overview of her short little life. Please keep Kayleigh's family in you prayers and they try to move on from here after spending 11 months in the NICU fighting with little Kayleigh for her life.

Kayleigh's Blog
Kayleigh's Story
Also, tomorrow there is going to be a special on The Doctors about little Kayleigh, so tune in if you get the chance.


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