The Day That Could Be

As we had anticipated we did our trigger shot Friday and then went in this morning for IUI. Needless to say we're going to have a very interesting story for our child if we get pregnant this month. Let's just say that Dalyn was on call Friday and Saturday and he got called out this morning at 5:45 and we had to be at the doctor by 7:30, so we were seriously worried he wouldn't get back in time. Luckily, God was looking out for us and he made it back and we actually got to the Drs. office early. Being a doctor she laughed at our story and said that it always seems people get pregnant when they have a funny story like that to tell, so I'm hoping that will be our story. Everything with the IUI went seemless. I hadn't felt any ovulation cramping but as soon as we started with the IUI my ovaries went crazy!!! It hasn't ever really hurt that bad but then again I've never had this many eggs either! So I've cramped pretty bad all day, oh and don't forget that I'm so bloated that 1/2 my pants currently no longer fit. She said it would only get worse in the next two weeks. And she said to expect to be weepy and then to be hateful and to expect to be exhausted; check, check, check!!!! Oh well I'll suffer through it for the cause. So now its the 2 week wait. . . . . Until then keep praying that those little eggs (or at least one egg) will get fertilized and grow, grow, grow!!!


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