Tests, Tests

The hubby left this morning about 10:30 and headed to NC to pick up his mom so they could go to Charleston, SC to take his boards. They left NC about 4:30. I talked to him about 5:30 and well needless to say the weekend hasn't started out so well. He got pulled leaving our home town for speeding. He got very, very lucky; he could have been sited for no registration, dead tag, no proof of insurance, speeding, and windows being tinted to dark. Yes, I have all of it but because he was in my car he didn't know where any of it was. Anywhoo, he amazingly didn't get a single ticket or warning. So he's on his way to Charleston and should arrive there about 10ish. He was really nervous about this weekend as our future kind of hinges on it (no pressure, huh). I know how smart he is, so I have no doubt he'll do fine and if something happens and its not, we'll know it wasn't in God's plans. I'll update you all once I know how he did. But in the meantime please send you prayers for Dalyn this weekend. 


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