A Shot In the Dark

Oh how I love this time of the month. Dalyn gave me my HCG trigger shot last night and well now I can sit down without flinching. People keep telling me you'll get use to all the shots and needles, well I'm sorry but no, no I just won't ever get use to it. Call me a big baby but I'm just never going to get use to being poked on. To my I/F girls, I feel for those of you who have to take shots way more often than I do.

On another note, my one good egg, should be released tomorrow morning. Dalyn and I went back and forth a lot this month as to whether we should do another round of IUI knowing its not going to increase our chances. Something in my heart said no but maybe that is just the disappointment peaking through. Something else said we only have a few more months here we might as well do everything we can to make something happen before we switch doctors again. So after we went back and forth I made Dalyn make the decision this morning and we are going to go ahead with IUI this month. So we go in tomorrow morning, please pray for us tonight and tomorrow and that Dalyn's men can make their way up there and that the egg is there. BASICALLY, just pray.

And on another note, Dalyn also leaves tomorrow morning for Charleston, SC, to take his NC state license exam. Please keep him in you thoughts and prayers all weekend as he travels to and from and as he takes the exam this weekend. I know he is very nervous and could use all the prayers he can get.


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