HELP ME. . .

to celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week.
Its celebrated April 25-May 2, to help raise awareness about infertility which affects 7.3 million Americans! Its been a long road to accept our infertility but I feel like even though we still do not have a child of our own we can help so many people to be aware of what millions go through each day. I also hope that by sharing out journey we inspire people in all different aspects of their lives. I have attached below a link to RESOLVE which help promote the National Infertility Awareness Week (click here). You can go online and join the movement as someone who either has been diagnosed with infertility, has previously have infertility or know someone who has. I hope to be able to post different things this each day this week to help celebrate. Also this week I would love to hear your stories, whether it be of your own personal infertility, someone you know, or someone who inspired you through their infertility journey. Obviously, I realize this can be a sensitive subject for people to openly share so feel free to email me if you would like to share (


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