Girl's Weekend

Its very rare that I ever get any type of girl's weekend, not that I'm complaining because I dearly cherish every moment I spend with my hubby, but its nice to spend girl time just chatting away. So this past weekend while Dalyn was in Charleston, Ashley and Reeslyn came to spend a girl's weekend with me. I must admit it was certainly nice to spend time with just the two of them. I'm also secretly hoping with my IUI on Thursday and them coming on Friday that Reeslyn will have rubbed off some baby dust. Anywho, I had an amazing weekend and was sad to see them go. I managed to get a few pics of Reeslyn so I wanted to post them. But I also got a video that I absolutely cherish. Last visit our dogs loved Reeslyn but after a while they just kind of went about their ways. Well this time since Reeslyn was a little bigger and more interactive they all took notice, Sampson especially. And by the video your about to see, Reeslyn pretty much loves him to. You would think his size and bark would scare her but nope she just loves him!!

**I can't seem to get the video uploaded, I'll keep working on it but for now, enjoy the pics!**


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