Empty Arms

Well, yet again another month will come and go and we will have no Baby Webb. I've honestly been so busy this month that I haven't had much time to dwell on being pregnant. I went to the doctor this morning and they called about 12ish with the news, negative again. Yes I'm sad, yes I'm disappointed, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. Its really hard to explain to someone who hasn't gone or isn't going through infertility what its like to be in our position. And in my experience a lot of times people who haven't gone through it mis-interpret or don't understand feelings or emotions. Please don't get me wrong, I tell people this a lot, Dalyn and I do not have self-pity for ourselves. We realize that God has blessed us with amazing opportunities and life. We realize that our lives could be much worse.

We will continue on the same course next month and if we still aren't pregnant we will change some things around the next month (May). Several people have asked about IVF, since we are going to be moving in a matter of months we are going to continue with IUI until after we get moved and then proceed to IVF if our new doctor sees fit.

In the meantime, I ran across a blog yesterday of another girl and her husband who are struggling with infertility. She had a link to Tears and Hope. I clicked the link and watched the powerpoint and I must say wow, its dead on! I couldn't have said something more perfect myself. It is exactly our story, as well as the millions of other couples out there. Please click on "Tears and Hope" above and watch the video. Pray for us after the video has finished that one day we will resolve our infertility, in some way.


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