Crazy, Beautiful Life

Wow!! Time seems to be flying by me right now. Things are extremely busy on our end I haven't even had time to blog hardly at all this month. I don't even know where to begin with the madness.

I guess let's start with the doctor update. I just finished my cycle of Femara (follicle stimulating drug) and will be going in for an U/S on Monday. We're hoping and praying for a least three eggs this month. I will let you know Monday what things are looking like and when we will be doing IUI this month. Probably one day this week but I just don't know what day exactly. I think that's all on that end.

Next, I announced earlier this month that Dalyn and I were going to be moving to Washington, NC. All is falling in place with that. Still no definite move date. We traveled back down there the first weekend in April. Dalyn was sick so the trip was kind of long but we enjoyed it all the same. We got to enjoy some of the local restaurants and people. We searched for 3 days for places to live. You never would think looking at houses would be so tiring, but it is exhausting. We looked at both places to buy and rent. I'm having commitment issues with buying a house right now. Don't ask why, I've never really had commitment phobias but man this one is HUGE! So after much debate we've decided to rent for at least the first year we are living there. It will probably work out best anyways because we really don't know where we want to live. After lots of contacts and back and forth we'd like to introduce you to our new home in July. . . . . .

Its right on the water ::heaven:: has beautiful views and even a boat dock (for the boat D wants). We love it and are super excited!! Now I just have to get tan and in shape for my bikini summers! We hope it entices tons of people to come visit.

Our weekends are so busy, we don't have a free weekend until the next to last weekend in May. That only leaves me like 6 weekends to get things packed up before the big move!!! I'm starting to stress a little to say the very least. I tell you we literally have nothing planned for the move. Dalyn goes next weekend to take his boards to get his NC license. If I don't find a minute to blog between now and then, pray he passes everything. Otherwise, we may be jobless! I think that's all of our updates for now. I will update more later as I can find the time in what we are referring to as our crazy, beautiful life right now.


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