Surgery Update

I just wanted to update everyone on my surgery yesterday. First let me start Sunday, all I could have was clear liquids all day Sunday. I was absolutely famished by Sunday afternoon. Then Sunday about 6pm I had to drink magnesium citrate, and all I will say was that it was miserable and I didn't leave the bathroom hardly all night. By yesterday morning my nerves had pretty much left me because I was just ready for everything to be over with. We got to the doctors office around 8ish and then once we were finished there arrived to the hospital a little after 9am. They got me settled into a room pretty quickly and then a steady flow of traffic starting coming through. First was the girls who checked all my vitals and got my IV started. I seen several other doctors and nurses after that and they finally took me back for surgery around 11:45. My nerves kicked in as they wheeled me from the room and I started crying when I had to say good bye to Dalyn and my grandmother. But they gave me feel good medicine right before we left the room so by the time we got down to the OR, I was basically out of it. I remember seeing the doctor and that's the last thing I can remember, until I woke up in recovery about 1 1/2 later.

All in all it was a pretty easy experience to go through. I was in recovery about an hour or so before they let me go home. My abdomen is really sore and bloated and my throat is really sore and I'm horse but other than that I had no other symptoms that they say can occur. All in all I consider myself pretty lucky. I'm able to move around fairly easily with some help and have been resting really well. Now to the even better news, there was some endometrosis throughout my abdomen but she was able to get it all removed. My left fallopian tube was blocked completely and she was able to successfully get it opened. She is very optimistic about us conceiving in the next few months, which makes all this even more worth it. I go back on Friday for a post op so I'll let you know more then.

I just wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They have meant the world to Dalyn and I and we couldn't have made it nearly as easy without God having a very special hand in it. I will keep everyone updated as I continue to recover.


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