Recession Dressin'

Fellow blogger, Kelly, started a blog today about recession fashion. Of course, I love love love cute clothing at a great bargain. She introduced me to Sam Moon, and wow, what I have been missing!! I'm on my way to purchasing these fun accessories ($32.50 for everything!!!!!):
In the summer, my staple clothes are dresses and skirts, I found some very cute things are Old Navy this weekend for under $30:

Also, I shop at a little consignment store here in Knoxville. Some of there clothes are a little young for me, but on occasion I run across some great finds from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Gap and J Crew. I got 2 skirts, 1 from Gap and 1 from Banana Republic and a dress from Ann Taylor, all for $23!! Who can beat that!!

I also purchase a ton of clothes from TJ Maxx, its hit or miss sometime, but I normally find a few cute things there. I posted a pic of a really cute top ($12.99) I got there a few days ago.

And lastly, I find a lot of cute clothes for cheap at Target. I ordered these shoes ($19.99) a few days ago, but haven't gotten them yet,
I also, got these two skirts a couple of weeks ago for 13$ each:
Lastly, if you really like a store, ask if they have a mailing list for sales, sometimes its a great time to get the clothes you love on sale!!! Could it get any better than that!?!


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