Recession Dressin' Addition

Tonight I was looking though some of the other sites that posted for recession proof outfits and I ran across this site that mentioned a site called, Cutesy Girl. I surfed over to check it out and I didn't look at anything but shoes, but I will say that some of there shoes were so extremely cute and very affordable. I don't know how comfortable they are but if I order a pair I will update you. Also, it looked like they were having a big sale right now. These are two of the shoes I found.

Also, I forgot to mention my favorite shop for handbags, Bag Haus. They have some great bags at great prices and they even have some imitation bags. They run some great sales and you can sign up for there email sales so they send you even better sales via email. I have these two handbags and I absolutely love them both. I do warn though, check the measurements before you order because sometimes the size in the pic can be deceiving.


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