Rate My Doctor / Infertility Update

As I had posted in a previous post (read here), Dalyn and I have had 3 fertility doctors just since we moved to Knoxville (we've only been here 10 mos). Our first doctor was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! He never took any time with us and when we didn't want to follow his exact protocol he pretty much wouldn't do anything else for us. We are thankful that we now have a wonderfully fabulous doctor that we absolutely love!! Well, a few weeks back a friend of mine sent me a link for Rate My Doctor. Basically, you can search for a specific doctor, you can add ratings, view ratings, etc. I was intrigued to find our horrible doctor on there with rave reviews (p.s. mine was not good) and our good doctor with no reviews period (p.s. she got 5 stars). I thought this was a interesting website to pass along to everyone so you can see how your doctor rates.

On another note, I'm back to about 98% post surgery. My incisions are almost completely healed, my bruising is almost gone, my bloating is gone and I can comfortably fit back into all my clothes. I'm still having a little throat irritation, which I think can also be contributed some to allergies. We, along with our doctor, decided it would probably be best to continue with IUI again this month. I did my Femara for days 3-7, had my HCG injection on Saturday and lastly went in for IUI on Monday. Now for the waiting part. I'm not good at this part, every little cross sneeze I question as a possible pregnancy symptom. I've taught myself, pretty well actually, about not getting my hopes up like I use to. I don't even buy pregnancy test anymore. I am striving everyday to continue to place this matter in God's mighty hands and allow His will to be done in our lives. I have learned through Him not to take pity on myself for not having a child but to celebrate and be thankful for the wonderful things He has allowed in my life thus far and the amazing work he continues to do. Dalyn and I often like to say that my mother hasn't found the perfect child in heaven for us yet. I know she is watching over us as we struggle through this as well. She was an amazing power of strength in my life and continues to be to this day. Okay so now that I've gotten myself emotional (must be the meds) I'm gonna leave it at that for now. I will update you guys more in a few weeks what the outcome of this round is. For now, go rate your doctor!!


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