Organic Wine

A few weeks ago I watched a segment on The Today Show about good, inexpensive wines. They sampled a wine from Argentina made by Yellow & Blue. It was an organic wine not in a bottle but in a box of sorts. Their website claims its a "Tetra Pak" which certainly isn't a bottle but "isn't exactly a box" either. Again, their website says the Tetra Pak is "made from 75% paper harvested from responsibly managed forests. They’re far lighter and less bulky than bottles when it comes time for shipping. And the Tetra Pak holds two more glasses of wine than a bottle." I thought it was pretty interesting. So how good is the wine? Well, I can't personally say because I haven't found it in stores yet, however, a friend who is a wine specialist says she has had it and states that its pretty good. Meredith seemed to really like it when they sampled I'll let you know if/when I run across some to sample. Let me know if you've had it before!!!


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