IT'S OFFICIAL - - NC here we come!!!

So we've been back and forth, over and over again, trying to decide when we should tell everyone where the yellow brick road leads next. I had posted previously that Dalyn and I had visited at small, coastal town in Washington, NC, in search of a job for Dalyn. Well, after lots of prayer and thoughts, Washington, NC will be our home come July!!! Dalyn's contract has only one stipulation that we haven't met to this point and that is that he has to pass CITA. CITA is the exam he must take in order to get his NC license. I have no doubt he'll do great!!! We don't have lots of details to pass along yet, we will be traveling to Washington this weekend to look for a house and hopefully get that settled. I will update you more on that once we know more. We don't have a move date set just quite yet. We know it will be the first week in July but nothing for certain. As I get more details I will let you know but for now pray for Dalyn and his CITA exam scheduled for the end of April! Also, in the meantime enjoy a few pics of the town.


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