Etsy Shopaholic

I know must of you who read my blog already know about my love affair with etsy. I could waste countless hours surfing away looking for wonderful handmade finds. So on this rainy, gloomy day, when patients are non-existent at the office, I decided to surf on over for some e-retail therapy. And well look at some of the super cute things I turned up.

Ruffles Purse $20 @ madebyhank
How cute is this as just a weekend clutch if your running out to the store or to ice cream on those hot summer nights!!!

I envision this with a very cute summer skirt. As a matter of fact I think I may have one that would go perfectly.

Love Letters Stackers Ring Set $50 @ tinahdee
Just a cute I love you gift for no reason for a reasonable price.

Messy Flower Pin $10 (Various colors) @
At her shop she has these pins and headbands but I think these would be so cute on a summer dress or cardigan.

Etsy sellers just never cease to amaze me. I linked all the sellers shop pages to their names so if you like something click on the name and it should direct you to their etsy shop. Enjoy some Etsy shopping on this rainy day!!


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