Doctor Update

Well, I went in for my blood pregnancy test on Thursday, and I'm sad to report there will be no Baby Webb this month. Now what? GRRRRR!!! Okay I had to get that out. I'm expecting a call back from the doctor today, but probably surgery for the endometrosis and to open the blocked tube. We know from the IUI that everything still checked out ok with Dalyn, jerk (j/k), so hopefully if I can get fixed up we will be headed in the right direction. I will probably be looking to have surgery sometime towards the end of this week or the first of next, I will keep you all updated. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. I'm extremely nervous, maybe more about this than anything I can think of, so pray that God gives me the strength to continue to fight through the fear and uncertainty. I will update you as the info comes in.


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