Clear Liquids, ewwww

Tomorrow morning I start my clear liquids diet in preparation for surgery on Monday. Breakfast will probably be Jello (eck) and for lunch I bought extra special chicken broth by Rachel Ray (yippie(not)). I'm not looking forward to it at all, in case you can't tell. I probably won't be blogging tomorrow, I have to go to NC to get my grandmother who is going to be helping me get through the first couple of days post surgery and finish getting some meals fixed for while I'm out of commission. Today my nerves have been ok but I have my moments where my anxiety gets the best of me. Please continue to pray that I can remain strong, that the surgery goes well and that my recovery is quick and painless. Pray that Dalyn and my family are strong and can help me make it through, I know this stresses them out to. Hopefully I will feel up to posting by Tuesday and I will let you guys know how things went and how I'm doing.


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