Yet Another Doctor Update

We went to the doctor this morning, yes, again!! Its funny I feel like the doctors and nurses have become extended family and well I guess that's probably a really good thing. I don't want to go into any detail(which its occurred to me that I'm sharing everything else, so I might as well) but I thought I would just give you all a little insight. Our medicine didn't do its job this month, other than making me feel horrible!!! Great, all the side effects and nothing else, just my luck! So chances are we won't be doing IUI this month. It still hasn't been decided for sure, but things are leaning pretty heavily towards no. If things play out this month and we don't get pregnant, which I'm not holding my breath for, we will be doing surgery for endometriosis in a few weeks. I will keep you updated if I learn more about surgery. For now just keep your fingers crossed, pray, meditate, jump in circles or whatever it is you do that by the grace of God we end up pregnant this month. I dread the thought of having surgery but will do whatever takes to have a child bless our lives.


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