That Loving Feeling

What a wonderful weekend, well minus my husband being on call and spending tons of time at the hospital, but we still got to spend some excellent quality time together.. I just wanted to give you all a quick recap of some amazing things I received or gave for this love holiday. First off, I want to give major props to my husband whom didn't send me flowers but instead sent me a bouquet of cupcakes from this amazing little place in Knoxville called The Cupcakery. If you live in Knoxville and have never experienced the joys of The Cupcakery, where have you been and what are you waiting for. They are absolutely divine!! I could eat like 5 a day I swear. My favorite is Confetti, which is vanilla cake with butter cream icing with little confetti sprinkles. But I truly love them all. He also got me a neat recipe book that I've desperately been needing and some knitting needles.

So I didn't come up with anything nearly as amazing but I did come up with this little scavenger hunt around the house in order for Dalyn to find his gifts. I got him a new Bible and a bedside charger for his Storm. I thought the hunt was pretty creative and the clues lead him everywhere from our tool box in the basement to the dog food bin. His first first clue however was in a clear little box I made myself. I was amazed at my creative ability to get all this done. I'm so proud of the box I posted a pic of it. I also had to post a couple of pics of Dalyn on the hunt.

Lastly, since Dalyn was on call we decided to skip dinner on Saturday night, since it would be our luck to be in the middle of dinner and have to leave. So Sunday night, courteous of Dalyn's mom and dad, we had dinner at Ye Olde Steakhouse. I don't eat steak a lot but I do love it when I do and this steak was the most tender I've had in a long time. It was a really good dinner and good time spent together.

All in all, I don't believe in flowers, candy and teddy bears, but I do think that Valentine's Day is a great day to remind those you love just how much you care and appreciate them. I hope you all had a great day with those you love most!!

His clue in the car

Clue from the dog food box

Please note I made this box from two sheets of paper.

I'm pretty impressed with it


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