Octo-mom Insanity

Okay, I told myself I wasn't going to blog about this woman. But I can't help myself, I just think all of this is completely insane and the more that comes of this the more insane it is. Do media outlets not realize that by focusing so much attention on her, she's getting exactly what she wanted out of having so many children? The other thing that I think people aren't focusing on is the welfare of these 14 children. Yes, this woman is insane and no she doesn't have the capabilities to support 14 children. I've read article after article that blows my mind, last week she was in the midst of being homeless, with 8 babies fighting for life in the hospital, yet she found time to spend money on MAC make-up and have her nails done. HELLO!!!!????!!!! Doesn't that not strike anyone else as a little strange. So after that, I wake up this morning to a new video being released of Nadya and her mom arguing over her having these 8 babies. I couldn't figure out how to post the video so I posted the link if any of you haven't seen it.

The one thing that disturbs me the most about this interview is she tells her mother that, "the only thing you can do is use them or destroy them." If she was correctly informed, which maybe she was but choose to ignore everything but HER wants, she would know that you can also donate these embryos to couples who are unable to conceive. She would also know that there isn't a set time frame that she has to use these embryos in. She makes the statement, "who would do that." Is she really so stupid, people do that (donate embryos) everyday. And if she wasn't willing to consider donating or destroying (which I don't agree with) then she should have never been allowed to have IVF in the first place. My doctor on several occasions has told Dalyn and I that we need to realize that if we proceed with IVF we need to be prepared to make the decision somewhere down the road. Neither one of use are ready to make that decision at this point in our lives, therefore we have not proceeded with IVF.

The other thing that disturbs me a little bit is that here her mom is, letting her live in this house (for free) while she is about to lose it to the bank. Here her mom is, taking care of the other 6 kids at home, while Nadya prances around LA and she has the nerve to treat her mother like she's a worthless human being for questioning her decisions. Her mom seems like she gets the magnitude of what it is going to take to raise all these children and how selfish Nadya was by going back to get another round of IVF.

This video makes my stomach turn. These 14 children, if left in Nadya's hands, are never going to have the true nurturing bond that a child should have with their mother. But on the other hand if put in the foster system they may never have parents. All in all I don't know where I stand as to whether she should be allowed to keep these children but I do know that its a very sad situation for these children. I think people need to stop focusing on Nadya and her self-centered desires and start focusing on how to give these children the best life possible.



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