My Heart Breaks

It's amazing how much blogging opens doors to people who are complete strangers but makes you feel a part of their lives. For anyone who runs across our blog I hope they feel the same way, I hope they feel like we have allowed them to glimpse into our lives and be a part of our happiness, sadness, grief, healing, etc. I ran across a blog this morning, that almost immediately brought me to tears. I could help but think what can I do to help. I wanted to be able to get the word out about this family, their loss and their hopes. The McClenahans, lost their baby girl Cora, who was 11 months, to stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed on January 25 and went to be with Jesus February 8. I can't even begin to imagine the sadness and heartache that they must be feeling. I ask that you all continue to pray for their healing and closure.

I the meantime, as most of you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE, its full of handmade goodies and I am amazed at the things on there. In honor of little Cora Paige, The McClenahans, are building a playground. Tons of etsy vendors have come together to sell items and all the proceeds go to Cora's Playground. There are tons and tons of cute things on their for sell, so if you have a few extra $$, hop on over there and pick up something cute in memory of little Cora. Also if you just want to donate there is a paypal site, Cora Paige. Also, here is a collection of all the things on etsy that will go to Cora's playground. If for whatever reason it doesn't work just go to etsy website and search Cora Paige. Again, please continue to pray for all of Cora's family as they try to cope with this huge loss.


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