On The Prowl . . . for a job.

As you know, Dalyn's program here in Knoxville ends this coming June. (sad day) We have been on the hunt pretty steadily for the past couple of months for a job for him. The Lord answered our prayers last week and several really great opportunities opened up. One possible opportunity is for him to stay here in Knoxville for another year (something i know a lot of people are hoping for). We just got back from our second opportunity, which is in Washington, NC. For those of you that don't know Washington is right on the coast of NC, really close to Greenville, NC. Dalyn had an interview there this past Friday, so Thursday afternoon we loaded up and drove down. I must say it was quite a ride from Knoxville and about 6 hours from our home in NC. The interview went really well and while we aren't saying whether we are going to take the job yet or not, but I thought I would post a couple of pics of our new opportunity. The town was very quaint and cozy coastal town and was way different than I had pictured. Hope you enjoy the pics and we will be sure to let you know when we make a decision about where life will take us in just a few short months.


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