Hair Identity Crisis

Okay, so the only person I've ever completely really trust with my hair is Katie Bender (she was my hair dresser in Nashville). If you know me, you know she's the person I allowed to chop off all my hair a few years back. I haven't let anyone touch my hair since we moved from Nashville. I'm dying to change it and do something drastic but I just really don't know if I have the nerve to. I'm really wanting to cut it back off really short and go a little blonder for summer. Why such a big deal, if you know me, you know I've had my hair everything from super long to short to bleach blonde to deep red. I love changing my hair and haven't really to this point been really unhappy with any hair style I've had but I've had this same color and style since we moved to Knoxville. A change is waaaayyy overdue but for some reason am scared to death. So here's what I'm thinking. . . . .

I love love love the style and color here but wow is it completely different from anything I've ever had!!!
Ashley sent me this style and I also love it!!! Maybe a little less daring than the first.

I'll keep you updated if I decide to cut it.


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