Fireproof Your Marriage

A couple of weeks ago, on a cold and rainy Saturday, Dalyn and I as we do often on Saturdays and Sundays decided to go browse the book store. Today we decided to go to Cedar Springs which is a local Christan bookstore, and I mean to tell you its huge, they have tons of books, music, etc. I could honestly spend hours in there. They normally have a section of their top ten pick books of the month, or actually I guess they call them the top ten must reads of the month. We ran into a book called "The Love Dare." After, a little looking around we decided to pick it up and give it a try. Here is the cover:
Dalyn and I feel like our marriage is strong but we also know it can never hurt to promote communication and bonding together, especially when times in life become trying. We've been doing it for a week or so now and I must say its pretty amazing. We got a chance yesterday to watch the movie that the book is based on, Fireproof. The movie has an amazing message for anyone. I highly recommend seeing the movie and if your have the time and dedication going through the dare. I thought I would post the excerpt off the back cover.

"Unconditional love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

The Love Dare is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take. It's time to learn the keys to finding true intimacy and developing a dynamic marriage. Take the dare!

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

-- 1 Corinthians 13:7-8


I thought with Valentine's day coming so soon this would be a great thing to share with your spouse, significant other, etc. Let me know if you see the movie, take the dare, or if you have already taken it. I hope you enjoy and it enriches your marriage as much as it has ours already.

Also, I wanted to post the link to Fireproof My Marriage and The Love Dare official website.


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