Doctor Update

So to spare anyone any unnecessary details (esp since I don't really know how many men read this), today was the dreaded day that every woman dreads each month. Also, a very important day though. My doctor wanted to wait until my hormones were kind of calm, which is apparently somewhere between day 1-4 of a woman's cycle, to do another ultrasound to see if the area she had previously seen on ultrasound had gone away. If it had gone away we wouldn't have to do surgery right now, which is obviously what we hoped for. Dalyn decided to skip this trip as it was kind of awkward for me even. I went this morning at 10 for an ultrasound.

Praise the Lord, our prayers have been answered yet again. Everything had went away and was back to a "normal" size and shape!!!!!!! Great news for me and us!!! For me it means NO surgery, or at least not right away. And for us it means we will start IUI this month. Pray God has his hands on us through the whole process because it is pretty intense for a couple of weeks. Pray that I can handle the meds and that they don't cause crazy side effects.

Obviously, I will keep you all updated as I can. For our own privacy we will keep somethings to ourselves but I will share as I can!


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