What I miss most. . .

about Nashville is this :

Dalyn and I had to make an emergency trip to Nashville this weekend. We purchased a house there while Dalyn was in dental school and we had it rented out. Long story short, our renter peaced out on us via email on Friday morning, leaving 8 mos into his 12 mo contract. So we had to go to Nashville to get the house cleaned up and ready to rent again. Previous to this trip I had only been back once. Everyone asked if we missed that house, etc, etc. I never really did until we got there this weekend. It was kind of sad. I do miss the house, Nashville, friends, etc. It was the first place Dalyn and I lived together after we were married and our first house purchase, so there are a ton of cherished memories there. So I guess now I can say I do miss the house and Nashville. But I will say one of the things I missed the most, I snapped a picture of while we were there. I couldn't help myself. This is the sunset from our back patio. Its breath taking!! All in all the trip went well and we managed to get the house rented out again. So it was a very long, exhausting weekend trip but one that was well worth it.


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