Prayer is an effective weapon

First let me say, please bear with me on this post. I have a lot I want to write about and it may become more jumbled together than I hope. Also, note that this will likely be one of the most personal post I've posted thus far. I'm normally not one to share really personal things in my life but I figure might as well.

So about two weeks ago, some of the closest friends we've made thus far in Knoxville, Casey and Jonathan, invited us to attend church with them. It had been quite a while since Dalyn and I had been in church but something we had been wanting to get back to for a while. So we naturally jumped at the opportunity to attend. This past Sunday was our second visit and I must say I'm absolutely at a loss for words as to how uplifting the church is.

For most of you that don't know (which is probably just about everyone) Dalyn and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now (a year and 10 months to be exact). To make a long story short, we basically just decided to lose the birth control one month and if it happened it did and if not that was okay too. Well, the narrow-minded me thought that in a few months we'd we expecting a baby. Surprise, surprise, 5 months later no baby on the way. So we decided to get serious. I started doing the normal TTC (trying to conceive) thing, ovulation tests, temp charts etc. So back to making a long story short, here we are almost two years later and we are one of the four couples in the US that will be diagnosed as having infertility problems this year.

So now I'm sure your saying what does all this have to do with each other. This past Sunday I took several notes of the preachers sermon and I wanted to post this (its just small bits and pieces, so it may not make complete sense):

"Prayer is an effective weapon. We face situations or trials that are overwhelming, pray. Jesus said God knows what we need before we ask. Everybody is convicted of not praying enough. We can say things are difficult, one reason might be my lack of prayer. Often the Lord will use your prayers to accomplish his purposes. You have not because you ask not. "

So after going back and reading this I realize how extremely relevant it is in our lives right now. I mean I pray all the time, but I do realize that you can never have enough prayer in your life. So with that said Dalyn and I have a very important and telling doctors appt tomorrow. I've been praying about this for a while now and know that God will answer my prayers. But I think the more people praying the better. So if you are reading this please pray for Dalyn and I for our doctors appt tomorrow. Hopefully, I will have a good update tomorrow on what we heard and decided at the doctor. Until then, I know this is long and probably makes very little sense, but thanks for reading! I love you all!!


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