Our Appointment

I feel like since I asked everyone to pray for Dalyn and I at our doctor's appt, its only fair now that I update everyone. This will be the third fertility specialist that we have seen over the past 7 months or so. Our first doctor, was great the first couple of visits we had with him and then when we didn't want to follow his suggestions exactly he became a complete jerk. So I decided with such a sensitive subject at hand I needed someone who was a little more sympathetic. Our second doctor jumped straight to in vitro at our first visit. Not something we were willing to try right away. We felt like we hadn't exhausted all our options and apparently he did. So we ditched him. At that point I was a little disheartened. We basically decided to just quit thinking about it for about the last three months. I went in to see my GYN, to see what she thought and she recommended we see the last fertility specialists available to us here in Knoxville. So as you can kind of imagine I was really nervous, so many questions ran through my head. Doctors suspect that I have endometrosis and a blocked flopian tube, so my GYN thought that it would be in my best interest to go ahead and have a procedure done to remove the endometrosis and open the tube. I am absolutely terrified of having to have surgery.

So to make a long story shorter, we absolutely loved her!! We both felt like we walked out of there with more information than we've gained from either one of our other doctors. She spend nearly two hours with just us, which has been unheard of to this point. We had an ultrasound done while we were there and she walked us through every last thing we were seeing, what it should look like, etc. I don't want to get into everything she said, because obviously I would like to retain a little privacy but we are going to wait a couple more weeks and then do another ultrasound. At that point if our ultrasound is the same as what she seen the other day, she would like to continue with surgery and then move onto IUI (intrauterine insemination). If things change (which is what we want to happen) then we will start with IUI for a month or two before deciding to do surgery. All in all we don't really have much decided at this point but we feel like we are at a great starting point. Keep checking back in and hopefully I will have another update in a few weeks.

Thanks to all those who prayed for us. I truly feel like God listened and made this an experience that left us with more hope than we've had in a while. Love you all!


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