Christmas with The Webbs'

I have so much to write about Christmas I don't even know where to begin. Dalyn was on call until 7 am Christmas morning, so we spend Christmas eve in Knoxville. It was sad because we missed several family Christmas parties but it had to be. We opened our Christmas to each other Christmas eve night. Not something that would normally be allowed but we were going to NC early Christmas morning and didn't know if we'd have time. I got a Red Sox hat, a willow tree, several Christmas ornaments and a couple of knives from William Sonoma. Dalyn got a journal, a pair of Oakley safety glasses, Marley and me book, and an umbrella.

We got up about 7am Christmas morning and headed out for NC. Our plans were originally to return Christmas night but we decided to stay through the weekend since we had nothing else to do. We ended up taking the dogs, which they love because they can run free in the mountains. We had Christmas breakfast with Dalyn's mom and dad and opened our presents from them. We got loads of cloths and a ton of other stuff. We then went to visit with my grandmother in the nursing home. We spend about an hour with her. Then we went to my aunt and uncles to have Christmas with my mom's family. I got lots of clothes and an external hard drive for my computer. Dalyn got a GPS system. We then went to my dad's and spent the remainder of the day with him. Wow, just typing that reminds me of how tiring Christmas day is. Dalyn and I also ended up racking up enough money from everyone to get a treadmill and we both got new Blackberry Storm phones.

We basically just spent the next couple of days with family and friends. Its hard not living next door to family, you feel like you never see them enough when your there. We did get to see some friends that we hadn't seen in almost a year. It was great to catch up and see them again. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and come back home. Sad to see Christmas come and go so fast. We had a truly blessed Christmas and realize how lucky we are to have such great friends and family!


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