Monday, December 19, 2011

Hit the Slopes

Not long after Dalyn and I met he introduced me to snowboarding. I spent the whole season on the bunny slope it think but he was so patient and amazing. From that year on my parents always took us on a mini-vacay to somewhere cold and snowy. In the last few years we haven't been financially able to go but we both said once our kids got old enough we wanted to get them out on the slopes. Now granted I know they are a tad young to start, so for now we'll just stick to this . . . .

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Finley doesn't quite have the balance but doesn't Landry look like a natural!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011




The Nation's Capital

Back in October Dalyn had to attend a conference in Washington, DC. Originally, I hadn't planned on going because I was working but when I got fired I jumped on the opportunity for a free trip. Because Dalyn was already going our hotel was covered, so basically all we had to pay for was mine and the babies food. It ended up working out perfectly because Dalyn really only had to be at the conference for a day and half. So we spent the rest of the time roaming around, exploring the city. Neither of us had ever been and it was neat to take our babies for the first time.

Dalyn had to go to conference that afternoon but we had all morning, so we decided to drive into the city and take the kids to the National Zoo. The amazing thing, if you've never been, is that it's free. The kiddos are sooooo into animals right now and they loved it. They especially love Elephants and we really lucked up because the moment we walked in we went straight to the elephants and they were doing a show. The kids were so amazed and happy and we could've probably left at that moment and they would've been happy. Here are a few pics from our day. . . .

We packed a lunch and headed in to the city on the subway for a day of exploring. The kids were such troppers. They rode in their stroller great all day, ate great and even napped great in their stroller. It made for a much more enjoyable day for us and them! Here are some pics of the sights we seen that day.
Our first Subway ride

Hope Diamond

Playing and having lunch

What a beautiful day and place for lunch

Nap Time 

We had a wonderful time in DC, I can't wait to take the babies back in the future when they can understand a little more about everything. I highly recommend going, if you haven't ever been. There are so many things to do and see. And a large number of them are FREE! I could have seriously spent two whole days just shopping! haha

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cooking 101

So I know by now you've all heard about pinterest. And if you haven't, get on over there because your seriously missing out. Week before last I was tired of our ho-hum meal plans, so I decided I was going to cook my way through my pinterest recipes. Now, I admit, I've got a lot pinned so I didn't get far but I did cook dinner almost every night from there. I thought I would give a little play by play of my recipes, what we liked and didn't like, etc.

Monday -

I had a regular dish that I cook but I had a side from pinterest. Let me just for warn you, this is so good you might eat the whole dish in one sitting.

Crack Potatoes 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture but if you click on the link above you can find the recipe and also a pictures.

Tuesday -

These are Chicken Crescent Squares. They were delicious!!! They remind me of an old recipe Dalyn's grandmother makes. This is my pictures but below is the link to the recipe.

Chicken Crescent Squares

Wednesday -

I forgot to take a picture again today :-/

We had Honey Sauced Chicken in crockpot. Now, I'm a huge fan of anything you throw in the crock pot. This recipe was good but i wasn't crazy over it and neither was the hubs.

Thursday -

I've made a variation of this recipe before and I'll have to say I liked it a little better. The main difference is that I use Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken. This is a great comfort food recipe though!

Friday -

Let me start by saying, I love soup! If it's got "soup" in the name, I'll try it at least once. Now I've tried before (VERY unsuccessfully) to make potato soup. So when I found the recipe it seems so simple. It worked out perfectly because I was feeling a little under the weather and OOOO did this hit the spot. It was so delicious. I ended up eating it for quite a few days after. As you can see below I topped mine with cheese and bacon. The main difference I used from the recipe below is I used the little square hash brown potatoes. But you must try this recipe.

Potato Soup

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I've been in a major blogging funk this year. And I just realized how sad it makes me because so much has happened this year and I've failed to record it. So I'm gonna play a little catch-up for the next couple of weeks and my New Year's Resolution is to do a better job keeping up with my blog. A little bit to my defense is that I've got 5 posts from the last month saved in my drafts! So hopefully I'll get those up. Life has been so crazy busy with two toddlers. When they are awake I'm constantly on, trying to make sure they aren't eating crayons, beating each other up, playing in poop, eating dog food, you get the idea? When they're asleep I'm trying to get stuff done around the house or just to plain sleepy to get my fingers to work.  So if you thought my blog was dead, prepare for overload! hahaha I'm gonna get these 4 or 5 knockout in the next few days. *fingers crossed*