Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday Wish............

Granted!! Time for the update, dumb roll please. . . . . . . 4 EGGS!!!!!!!!! I don't think I could get tired of saying it right now. I have two on the left and two on the right, they are so close in the ovary that the doctor almost couldn't see them. They were all 4, 13mm, which is still a little to small to release. I'll do 3 more rounds of injections, tonight-Thursday and then will return for another ultrasound on Friday. The goal is to have them at 18mm. She said with the injections they should be right on target by Friday. And then if everything goes right we will be looking at IUI on Sunday morning. I'm doing okay with the shots, started feeling a little crampy and bloated this morning, she said that was normal and would only get worse between now and Friday. I can deal if it gets those little eggs to growing!!!


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